Best family car: which one to choose?

The term "family car" is a bit misleading nowadays. In fact, a car that would be suitable for your family may not be suitable for the family of your neighbor or co-worker.

In reality, family cars may be vehicles that are not even cars. cars. They can be minivans, commercial vehicles, SUVs, crossover vehicles, even semi-station wagons or four-door vans.

To make things even more confusing, There are sedans and coupes in the small car category that may be suitable for families of one to three individuals, as well as coupes and sedans of medium or large size or more adapted to other families. So, what is a family car, and has that definition changed over time?

What is a family car?

In recent years, it was usually in September or early fall, just in time to shop for the back to school or to provide a nice gift for Christmas. In recent years, dealers have organized big parties for the release of new models, invitation-only events where the whole family could introduce themselves and see the new models.

Also, it should be noted that families frequented many car shows. In one place, these families could get into the cars of all automakers, catch flyers and dream about the next car that would take them on vacation.

Of course, family cars back then were usually sedans or cars with very large interior space. These were Ford, General Motors and Chrysler cars. And there was usually only one car in the driveway or garage. All this has changed with the introduction of minivans, more family-friendly SUVs and, finally, crossovers. Then the cars were exchanged between family members, as the kids got the license, the cars multiplied. And now, there is more than one car in the driveway of the garden or in the garage.

Also, over the decades, cars have acquired more safety features - a priority always high in family cars. Everyone has started and today there are literally dozens of manufacturers offering hundreds of vehicles that could more or less be classified in the category of family cars. Which one to choose ? We give you our 5 favorite models in the rest of the article!

SEAT Leon: an entry-level car that will please your family

The SEAT Leon is appreciated for its attractive price, distinctive look and exceptional driving experience. The SEAT Leon offers a performance version called Leon Cupra, while the Ecomotive model focuses on efficiency.

If you're looking for a dynamic, value-for-money sedan, the Cupra model is one of the most best models available. It's fast, fun to drive and the price will please you.

As with the Octavia, there is a Leon model for everyone. For example, the Leon SC three-door will attract lovers of style.However, the latest models are much more design and have adapted to modern changes.

If you take the latest model, there is no doubt that this is something new because the quality of the plastic has improved considerably - however you will still find cheaper materials on the lower parts of the body, but also much more room for rear passengers and a slightly larger boot.

The technical improvements are even more remarkable, the Focus is now available with large-screen information and entertainment systems and a variety of autonomous driving aids. Driving is a real pleasure: the sporty and agile chassis makes you feel at home in turns and even models with the most options are cheap. This car definitely deserves a place on the podium of family cars.

Renault Megane hatchback: we are design at Renault

Although the beauty is always subjective, it is clear that the Renault Megane represents a vehicle too much present in our streets to be ignored. This design and beauty, however, are more than superficial, the car offering one of the most attractive interiors of the class.

Features such as the iPad style portrait touch screen (standard on mid-range models), soft-touch plastics and comfortable seats give the Mégane a more appealing interior atmosphere than the competition, especially the Volkswagen Golf ... who are the traditional pioneers in this field.

p> The Mégane is more a question of comfort than thrills driver, but it is always nice to engage on a country road at the wheel of the latter. It makes driving on the motorway quieter and relaxing.

BMW X3: a SUV that looks good

Best family car: which one to choose?

The extremely well built interior of the BMW X3 is not only endowed with high tech features, this space is also very spacious. Thus, there is enough room at the rear for three tall passengers to feel comfortable and the trunk can easily hold many large suitcases, padded bags and two strollers at a time. Not bad, right?

Many features of the X3, such as the adaptive suspension, the digital pilot screen and intuitive movement controls (allowing you to change the stereo volume by shaking the hand) will be subject to an additional cost. However, even without these sophisticated gadgets, it's an excellent SUV and a great family car.

Mercedes E-Class Break: an elegant car for your family

The Mercedes E-Class is one of the most elegant and practical family cars available. It has a fantastic look both indoors and outdoors and comes with an absolutely huge trunk ... that has no problem swallowing a family's luggage for a few weeks.

All models also come with a rear air suspension, which makes driving very relaxing. The Mercedes E-Class is a family car that scores a lot, your kids will love it!