Do you like cars? You also like cinema? You will undoubtedly love, car movies! Even if some Saga have in the past put forward, unfortunatly, the cars in the cinema, there are some pearls that are worth it that we momentarily trade the leather seat ...

Car movie: the best movies to see

Do you like cars? You also like cinema? You'll definitely like car movies!

Even though some Saga have in the past unfortunately featured cars in the movies, there are some pearls that are worth the money. we momentarily trade the leather seat of his car for that of his sofa! Focus on our top 10.

10 - Night Call (Dan Gilroy, 2014)

Car movie: the best movies to see

Amorality and voyeurism on the bottom of bloody sheet ... Such could be presented to us Night Call. But this film is much more than that. Carried by a poisonous Jack Gyllenhaal, the film portrays Lou, an opportunistic thief who takes advantage of road accidents and the stunning images they produce for resale to the media: a juicy business at the limited morality it seems ... But how far?

A cynical car movie so, which makes us still discover beautiful images of Los Angeles ... What better scenery for such a story?

9 - Cars (John Lasseter, 2006)

Car movie: the best movies to see And if the cars had a conscience? We are getting rid of human beings here to give strength and speech to our four-wheeled friends, following the road of Flash McQueen, racing car with limitless ambition.

The personification distributed according to the car models, offers to see a real adventure full of emotions and sharing ... And just for the materialization of the famous route 66 in a splendid 3D, the film is worth a look!

8 - Cosmopolis (David Cronenberg, 2012)

Car movie: the best movies to see A car can also be the setting of a existential and philosophical drama. Eric Packer, a 28-year-old golden boy, who is perfectly portrayed by Robert Pattinson, has decided one morning to start a trip to the other end of the city to get his hair cut, in a context of national crisis.

Travel there is, whether through the strange procession of the long white limousine, a symbol of wealth and success, which continues to be stopped or at least slowed down by a rebellious humanity or in the very existence of this young billionaire, which we learn to discover throughout the film.

A whirling philosophy if any!

7 - Thelma and Louise (Ridley Scott, 1991)

Car movie: the best movies to see

Abandoning the sinister snack in which she works and her husband's tyrant, Louise decides on a whim to leave on the road accompanied by her best friend Thelma. A journey dotted with potholes begins then.

Unfortunately, during bad encounters, the adventure runs out to become a nightmarish run.
A road trip became cult, reaching its paroxysm in a majestic end! Roll it out!

6 - Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood, 2008)

Car movie: the best movies to see Clint Eastwood pure and hard! This film focuses on the relationship of an old racist ultra stereotyped racist incarnated by Clint himself, with his neighborhood that he has a flu because of their origins, Asian.

From hatred to love, the line is, it is well known, very fine.Two champions that everything opposes. This rivalry reached its climax after Lauda burned and returned to the circuit, back up like never before, just 40 days later ...

You want oil and engines? Crunchy tire noises and vehicles pushed to their limits? Rush is the work you need to see!

4 - Death Boulevard (Quentin Tarantino, 2007)

 Characters caricaturated, a realization aesthetic licked! What to say ... The great Tarantino celebrating nothing more than a killer car in the hands of a Kurt Russel in a trance.

The encounter between a psycho-scarred stuntman and a bunch of girls on the alcoholic trip, it gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of the vehicle's mechanics through two breathtaking pursuit races reinforced by dialogues characteristic of the fine pen of Tarantino.

To see to believe it!


3 - Mad Max Fury Road (George Miller, 2015)

Car movie: the best movies to see Without a doubt the longest chase in the history of cinema ... Between rumbling engines and customized vehicles typical of the post-apocalyptic world proper to George Miller ... You want stylish sheet metal on four wheels? Here we are, in all possible forms and imaginable.

And what about the beauty of the landscapes and the imagery of the film, the modernity of the comments made by the film or the audacity presented with regard to special effects. A hallucinated trip not to be missed for anything in the world!

2 - Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011)

Car movie: the best movies to see The film of the revolution for Ryan Gosling. And what a movie!

Stuntman by day, driver for criminals at night. The taciturn hero of Drive brings to life the characteristics of the heroes of our childhood. This film also asserts itself as the encounter between a great filmmaker with an aesthetic and colorful universe, rich in meaning, a sought-after musicality and raw violence of frightening coldness.

In short, a work in which cinema and automobile transports us into their universe!

1 - Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976)

 Finally, Taxi Driver of Mr. Martin Scorsese!

In the streets of New York distressing as ever, we find our hero embodied by De Niro, character tortured by his return from Vietnam (to believe that it is a habit for De Niro ...), who will rediscover his city with a new and moralistic look: a desire to clean! So we follow Travis, a drunk taxi driver and his hatred of a world whose dark streets he walks through every day and every night.

A brilliant end, comes to close a very violent film, but cult among the cults!

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