11 ways to make money with your car

You've probably done the painful experience: your car is very useful for your travel but regularly causes significant expenses.

Did you know that there are several ways to make your vehicle profitable by earning money? CaptainDrive presents you below 11 very simple ways to earn or save money by using your car .

# 1 - Show advertising on your car with It's my car

You want to receive products or vouchers by displaying ads on your car? It's becoming very simple with It's My Car , a French start-up that raised 1 million euros recently and offers this service via its website since 2015

The concept is simple: you apply to campaigns launched by advertisers (Total or Franprix for example) indicating your place of residence, your typical trips and the brand of your car (plus a photo of your car). If you are selected, It's My Car sends you a kit including promotional stickers to install on your car.

Stickers are very easy to put on your car, settle down on your front and rear doors, and do not damage the body when removed.

No matter the color, model or age of your car, all cars can participate. Even the vans can apply! More than 10,000 cars have already been registered.

Campaigns last between 2 weeks and 3 months and the latest products won by users are purchase orders Total (to buy fuel), Franprix shopping vouchers (for cheaper shopping) or men's cosmetics. For the moment, the campaigns are rather available in large cities such as Paris or Lyon but with the growth of the concept, it should quickly expand.

Please note that to prove that you are displaying the advertiser's advertising and that you are an ambassador of the brand, you will need to send supporting photos from time to time. It's My Car.

It's my car is an innovative service that makes it easy to earn vouchers. Do not hesitate to register to make your car profitable while driving!

# 2 - Rent your car to private individuals

With the services of the Drivy start-up it is entirely possible to make your car profitable, especially if you do not use it very often. Indeed, whatever type of vehicle you use, you can rent it on Drivy to benefit other drivers. The site announces that this lease can bring you up to 150 € per week.

For the most skeptical, do not worry, your car will benefit from a complete insurance with Allianz, Drivy's partner

# 3 - Sell your car for breakage

Your car is in bad shape and you want to get a new one? Do not hesitate to sell it to the casse. You will be able to make some money and you will help protect the environment. There are different companies that perform a recovery of your car for breakage. Just browse the internet to find one near you.

# 4 - Resell your car on occasion

If your car is still in good condition, you can sell it on occasion. For this, you can go to specialized service providers who will redeem you directly your vehicle.Convenient!

# 5 - Rent your car when you're on vacation

Summer is coming and you're going on vacation on the other side of the world? Since you are not going to bring your car, why not rent it? To take advantage of this service, you can call on start-ups like TravelerCar that allows you to not pay parking fees at an airport and earn money by renting your car to other travelers./p>

# 6 - Become an occasional driver with Heetch

Do you have free time in the evening or at night? Head over to Heetch and become an occasional driver to earn some money. It is an application that connects individuals with particular drivers. You can become one by registering on the Heetch website.

# 7 - Carpool with Blablacar

You are leaving alone somewhere with one or more free seats in your car. vehicle? Go to Blablacar and find someone who can accompany you for payment of a certain amount of money. This site is indeed designed to connect drivers traveling alone with passengers who are looking for journeys throughout Europe.

# 8 - Becoming a courier with gogorunrun

How about you become a part-time courier? The job: take your car and run errands or commissions on behalf of individuals or companies. To do this, register on the official website of Gogorunrun and follow all instructions.

# 9 - Carpool pro to go to work with colleagues

Your colleague does not have any car or do not like to drive? Offer to carpool with you and earn extra money. So, you will not only have company on the way to chat and get traffic, but you can also fill the wallet with travel expenses.

# 10 - Sub-lease parking space

Do not use your parking space? Why not sublet it? It is a simple and effective solution that is offered by several companies like Parkadom.

# 11 - Compare car insurance to save money

This is a very effective technique and very used in the world of auto insurance. Before choosing your insurer, you can compare offers and find the best one. For that, you can go around the insurance companies and consult each of their offers.

However, to gain more time and facilitate things, you can also use the online comparators. Some are very effective and will save you money by telling you which insurers offer the cheapest rates.