How to clean the outside of his car?

How to clean the outside of his car?

Your car has served well during the summer and you want to give it a boost? There are many traditional, environmentally friendly or innovative ways to clean, wash and polish your car.

To choose and compare the best solution, Captain-Drive shows you the best ways to wash the outside of your car. car!

The most economical: do it yourself!

You have a little time, motivation and the sun has just appeared? Why not try to clean your car yourself? To do this, use several sponges, rags, a bucket of water, a window cleaner, a special wheel cleaner and a body cleaner. If you have a high-pressure steam cleaner at home, do not hesitate to use it.

With all these tools, your car should become new again! All you need to do is polish the body (you can find the best polishers and bodywork renovators here) to make your car shine.

The simplest: the center of car wash

Car wash centers have mushroomed in large and medium-sized cities in recent years. It is a bit expensive and unecological but very efficient and very fast. Examples include Total Wash, Blue Elephant, Star Wash or Auto Clean Express.

This is the perfect way for people who do not have time to take care of their cars. . Several types of automatic washing exist: roller washing and high pressure washing. The choice is yours!

The smartest: home cleaning

Some companies specialize in home and workplace vehicle cleaning. Do not hesitate to consult them to find your car all without effort! This service is often more environmentally friendly than a car wash because less water is used.

Underground car parks often offer this service when you leave your car at least 30 minutes./p>

The most ecological: washing without water

And yes, it is possible to wash your car without using a drop of water. Indeed, when we know that 6% of drinking water consumption in France is dedicated to washing cars (source: Ministry of Ecology), we suddenly want to become more eco-friendly.

To wash your car without water, all you need is a commercially available waterless cleaner . You will save hundreds of liters of water and make a gesture for the environment and your wallet!