5 steps to change a wiper blade

5 steps to change a wiper blade

At CaptainDrive, our goal is to To make life easier for motorists, we have started writing articles that will help you maintain your car on a daily basis. Let's start with an easy and fast operation: the change of a wiper blade on your vehicle.

Lasting from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the model wiper, this replacement is quite benign and does not necessarily require the intervention of a garage (even if our home mechanics can without occupying during a drain or diagnosis for example).

The reasons for changing parts are diverse. CaptainDrive lists them and tells you how to replace this part , crucial for your safety in rainy weather.

When and why change a windshield wiper?

Generally, a wiper blade is replaced after a certain period of use: either after six or twelve months, or two or once a year. This is a standard recommended by car parts manufacturers and manufacturers.

However, more specific cases may apply. For example, we advise you to change the wiper if you are in very cold weather or extreme heat. These temperatures weaken, indeed, strongly this piece auto.

Think also about their replacements, once you observe manifestations of wear like scratches, a cracking or bumps on the squeegee of the wiper and particularly on the rubber material. Replace it if you notice that the brushes are moving noisy or irregular. This can be quickly dangerous for your visibility.

If you notice that marks of important traces on the windshield or total incapacity of the brooms to play their roles, we also advise you to replace your brooms d Another indicator of wear is the presence of a very fuzzy film on the windshield as soon as the windshield wiper does its work.

Check the wear indicator if there is one

In addition, some wiper manufacturers have thought of everything. Their products are equipped with a black wear indicator called pellet. The latter gradually turns yellow over time. When you see the complete color change, you have to buy from the nearest store, from an online car parts store or from an authorized dealer, a pair of windshield wipers.

Safety point : It is vital to have wiper blades in good condition to see and not start a risky driving, prone to accidents and bad judgments distance.

How do I replace a windshield wiper?

There are three parts to the windshield wiper:

  • the blade rubber
  • the metal blade
  • the wiper arm

First action to perform: buy a new pair of brooms. On wipers, the manufacturer most often indicates the model best suited to each car.Then remove the small protective pad. Repeat the operation with the second wiper.

Apart from the U-wiper model, you may need to replace a Flat Blade wiper. This is the modern, flexible version of this accessory. The broom is engaged and refixed on the arm with a single click. For the U-shape, Flat Blade adapters are starting to be offered.

Not wanting to take care of it?

CaptainDrive Home Garages can give you a hand on replacing your wiper blades, do not hesitate to ask for a quote!