Some tips for buying a used car

You are about to to buy a used car? This acquisition is not decided on a whim and you have to think twice before finding the vehicle that suits you. CaptainDrive gives you some tips for buying a used car.

Where to buy a used car?

In April, used car sales continued to grow in France. Faced with this phenomenon, there are several solutions to find the used vehicle that interests you. You can first choose your vehicle from a car dealership that offers many new or smaller models. You also have the opportunity to go directly through an individual who publishes his offer on newspapers or websites like this one. It is a practical and economical way to find the vehicle of your desires. If you like a used car, then you respond directly to the online ad to set up an appointment with the seller.

Things to check before you buy

An appointment with the individual who wants to sell his vehicle is important to check if it is in a good condition.

Before buying the used car, check the bodywork. If you see signs of scratches or bumps, it may mean that the vehicle has suffered a crash recently. Check that the bodywork does not have any paint marks.

Tires are also an essential element to inspect before purchase. To help you see more clearly, you can read our article about how to check the condition of a car's tires.

After these two inspections, ask the seller to open the hood. of the used car to watch the engine and oil levels. Also take a look at the condition of the seats and ask for a quick drive to check if the brakes are working well before making your choice.

Make sure you have the necessary documents

The seller must provide documents proving that his vehicle complies with the sale. Make sure you have access to the registration card, the service book and the last technical inspection. The seller must send you a certificate of non-pledge to prove that his vehicle was not stolen.

Before buying the car, also check that these papers correspond to his registration. If you are ready to buy a used car, do not forget to inform your insurance to specify the date on which you become owner. And if you want more information about buying used cars, check it out here.