When and how to change the passenger compartment filter of a car?

In the family of filters in a automobile, I ask the cabin filter. You probably have a vague idea of ​​the usefulness of this filter. Your mechanic may have even mentioned it during your last intervention. But in the end what is it?

CaptainDrive gives you more information about the filter to livable, a filter that allows you to breathe fresh air and good quality to inside your car.

What is the role of the passenger compartment filter?

The main role of the passenger compartment filter is to filter the air entering the vehicle in order to guarantee the occupants of the vehicle good air quality.

Indeed, the outside air is polluted because it contains many particles of pollen and gas among others. Inside, it's even worse because it happens that the air is six times more polluted in the vehicle.

When to change the air filter?

A Used passenger compartment filter allows a lot more particles to be unhealthy. Over time, the filter clogs and blocks the passage of outside air.

Experts recommend filter replacement at least once a year and at worst every 15,000 km. If the filter is not changed, it can no longer maintain good air quality in the vehicle.

It is true that there is no manufacturer recommendation on this subject because the shutter of the filter depends among other things on the environment in which you are used to rolling. In the city area, filter replacement will be more frequent, for example, if the car drives in the countryside most of the time. In any case, nothing prevents you to take a look at it to see how it works.

Where is the cabin filter?

Depending on the model of the vehicle, the passenger compartment filter may be in several different places. In general, you can find out where it is in the vehicle manual.

Please note that it may be placed under the glove box, next to the accelerator pedal or in the engine compartment.

Pollen filter and cabin filter: same fight?

The pollen filter is a range of cabin filter. Indeed, one of the harmful particles to be filtered is pollen. Pollen filter and cabin filter are often combined.

Changing the cabin filter with CaptainDrive

Our car mechanics replace cabin filters every day. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote to save time during the maintenance of your car.